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Volga, Wizzro, and Cia have all officially been released as free DLC characters for Hyrule Warriors as of yesterday!  Just load the game up and check out your new friends.

*cries that they all started at level 1 while my whoie gang is 30+*

Seriously though I absolutely love Cia’s efficiency for large numbers and Volga is highly entertaining when you just want to say “fuck everything, I’m a dragon.”


I think I should be given some award or something for putting out the trashiest confessions here. I know this makes me an asshole and I do admit that I am a shameless bitter cunt. However, I have never once made fun of a child , especially one with Down Syndrome or accuse a parent of wanting “asspats” for being proud of their child. You Tina are the lowest of the low and there is nothing pristine about you and your horribly ageing face, which btw is the perfect Halloween mask for an ogre <3


I’ve never bothered anyone with downs syndrome…? Shannon Terril doesn’t have downs syndrome, nor is she a child. She’s a 20+ year old woman who runs a doll convention in Texas. I don’t know why people think she’s underage. This is the stupidest thing ever. Repeating something untrue doesn’t make it true. If she was a disabled child then she wouldn’t be legally able or allowed to run, organize, finance, or advertise, etc, for a convention.


PN is nothing but a petty selfish twat, her whole issue/attack on Shannon T. is ridiculous. We aren’t buying your innocent act, no one is. This is all because she kicked you out of a few groups for breaking rules and for starting unnecessary drama about recasts. I’m not saying Shannon is a saint or anything but PN need to get over herself seriously.


Actually she kicked me out for "being argumentative on another group" in her own words, because I wouldn’t submit and agree to her opinion when I had a differing one on a debate thread. It even said so in her “banned members” section. Nice try tho!


PN is such a little ass kisser. She was so gung-ho with publicly shaming that girl with her recast, but when she got scammed by that person who sent her a Resinsoul body instead of a Dollzone one, she all of a sudden decided to take the high road and talk it out with the person. See what her MO is? I rest my case.


The reason I actually decided to talk it out with them was actually because she proved to me that she had been sold the doll as a dollzone and genuinely didn’t know, plus she was sorry and willing to work it out. The girl with the recast-as-legit doll was unsympathetic and proud of what she was doing.

There’s the difference. 


Whenever PN says that she hates someone because they were “rude” to her and a “terrible” person, I never believe her. She always blows her conflicts to be bigger than it is and tries to find every opportunity to discredit the person who she doesn’t like (and publically makes everyone aware of it as well) and every once in awhile gives underhand insults toward those people in every chance she gets. I can almost guarantee the reason why she has beef with her long list of people that dont like her is because it was started by her, someone dared to “insult”(see how I’m using quotes) her, and/or the person wasn’t taking her BS which is what starts the conflict and also what caused her to be banned from DoA and a bunch of FB bjd groups (So no PN, it can’t be everyone who is the problem and not you). Overall, I just see PN as the Eric Cartman (from South Park) of the bjd community, and I don’t mean that as a compliment or as a positive.


I really don’t care if some coward does or doesn’t believe me. At least I can say how I feel without hiding behind anon. The only one here who shouldn’t be believed is the one who can’t even own up to their own words by using anons.

Oh yes, I’m really so terrible for disliking rude people now? Okay. Then in that case I absolutely love rude people and want to surround myself with them. Yeah, because that’s sane.

I was banned from FB groups by a passive-aggressive little twat, much like yourself, probably you, who then went around blasting “WHY WAS PN BANNED SHES A SCAMMER I BET IDK I WASNT THERE LOL”

And the DoA thing was basically because of favoritism problems.

Please. Get a life. Get over me. I’ll never love you anon. You’ll never have my children.

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