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I don’t agree with PN, but everybody needs to shut the fuck up. She said something offensive, ok, but all this drama is so silly.


TY Anon, but I would like to encourage my supporters to not post anon confessions because I will be accused of writing them to make it look like I have supporters (but apparently I have no friends according to haters), despite repeating multiple times how I don’t write anons and I don’t like them because they encourage hate. 




Why can’t we just drop all of the bs against Pristine Nightmare? I’ve talked to her myself, she’s really nice. I don’t see why the drama keeps going. It’s utter bull…


Thanks for the support anon but I would like to ask you refrain from submitting anons of any kind. Instead stand behind your words with your own name. Besides now I’m being accused of writing that which is annoying because I don’t do anons.

I wish I could, they refuse to post names. :/ it’s their problem if they thinks it’s you. To be honest, I’ll defend anyone who is being basically cyber bullied for bullshit reasons that there is no real proof of.

Thanks, it’s brave of you to come forward to say you wrote the anon (whether or not you actually did, to be fair, I REALLY don’t know). 

Please be careful. People will think we know eachother well and will probably attack you. Or they will think you are my alt. Or they will think you are the maker of confessaboutbjds.

You will or have already probably been shown screencaps of my “vile nature” and I am sure no one will tell you that they are usually in reply to some already vile things done against me. (Or to a person who has already been vile with me in the past so I really don’t care to be nice to them).

It is true, I am not a nice person. I’m ok with that. But no one deserves to get multiple harassing/rude/bullying messages per day, in my opinion. 

Sorry for the late reply I just found the message when I was browsing. It didn’t show up in my activity feed. If I have already replied to this, then sorry for bugging you but I hope I basically said the same thing. :P


As much as I’d like to totally destroy Pristine-nightmare in all her weeaboo glory, it’s ultimately useless. Her life cannot exist without drama, so she goes out of her way to perpetuate it. And though I hate to say it, we need to cut off her supply. If she has no drama to feed herself on, she’ll piss off and die elsewhere. We need to stop giving her what she wants, because it’s never going to stop otherwise. Stop feeding her ego. It’s what she wants, and we’re all being duped.


I’m a weeaboo now? Ok.

If you want me to “die off” then maybe consider ending the drama yourself. You guys are the ones who keep writing confessions which literally call me by name.

So yeah. Stop feeding my ego. Go ahead. But that would mean no more confessions, because that’s the only interesting attention I’ve gotten lately.






"Fuck You, Old People" — Group Piece at CUPSI 2014

"By the way, you can’t actually pick yourself up by your own bootstraps. That’s now how physics works."


this gives me life….

"Act your fucking age" god damn, this has a good message here.

39 seconds in and I reblogged it

Today went off without a hitch!

Got new work clothes (exactly the amounts and types I wanted for almost $30 less than I expected), got my gf a new swimsuit (she looks fab plus it was only $3!), went grocery shopping, came home and had dinner, then helped do a minor house repair. Tiring but good.

Tomorrow will be about half as productive, but, eh, close enough! There isn’t always a laundry-list of chores to do after all.








people just don’t like Texas

Texans don’t like Texas man

first off Californians are a whole different type of rude so I would have to say California is the rudest state

new yorkers are really nice and everyone else is just judgmental and mean

*silent californian weeping*

I really do hate California. Until a month ago I lived there… Oh yes, hello Florida! I would love to live in you

Bro… dont move to Florida. I live in Florida. Dont move to Florida.

Michigan is so underrated 

California is way overrated.

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So according to Pristine if you have to use screencaps or collective evidence to justify your hate your pathetic. What about you Pristine? Are pathetic too since you use screencaps to prove your ‘hate’? Since you know, you always seem to have it ready to be shown when you are accusing someone else and ask for proof when people accuse you of your actions


Get a life, ladydouji. Besides don’t you know I don’t answer anons?

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